January 18th 2016

We’re always being told how important getting the right amount of sleep is. But not all of the facts floating around are accurate. Here’s 6 of the most common sleep myths.


Exercise Before Bed

We all know that exercise can help us drop off to sleep with ease. However most people don’t know that doing sporadic amounts of exercise before bed can actually cause the opposite effect.



The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Not many people can actually get up early and go to the gym before work, although we all wish we could. It takes the majority of us at least one burst of caffeine to be able to wake up fully.



“Lack of Sleep Doesn’t Affect Me”

Lack of sleep not only causes a lack of productivity, but can cause weight gain of 2 pounds in under a week.



Teenagers are Lazy

Some think that teenagers are lazy, but they actually need a minimum of 8 – 10 hours of sleep, compared to the 7 – 9 hours adults need.



TV Helps Us Fall Asleep

After a long day at work we all love to crawl into bed and relax whilst watching TV and catching up with friends on social media. However we are more likely to fall asleep with screens being turned off and the room being quite.



Switch off and stay in bed

We all think staying in bed is the best thing to help us back to sleep. But if you haven’t dropped off within 15- 20 minutes the best thing to do is to move into a different room and engage in something relaxing.