April 15th 2016

Our Junamoon team recently visited the London Design Week show at Chelsea Harbour London. What a real treat it was to attend this show, the new fabric styles and patterns available were outstanding and this year’s palette is quite varied and exciting.
Woodland scenes are popular again this year using animal prints, beautiful designs from Sandersons and Morris & Co.
Junamoon will be acquiring some more fabric companies to add to our portfolio as we feel their fabrics would compliment the Junamoon bed designs, we are looking at the inclusion of quality wool’s, Jacquard weaves, taffeta and embroidered silks.
As we always advocate, your bed should be the center piece of your bedroom, make a statement, be bold and adventurous with your choice of design and style of bed, use beautiful fabrics that please you, make you look forward to going to bed at night and slipping into a luxurious bed that reflects your style and makes you feel pampered.
We are on the look out for interesting leathers to use on our Junamoon designs and one company had a fabulous angle on unusual concepts, they use an artist who will paint designs onto the leathers, we believe bespoke orders are available, here are a couple of designs that we feel created a unique concept and the patterns look very effective.20160313_132941 [10639219]
We have many requests for our bespoke service and Junamoon are working on some interesting projects currently, using leather and wool two tone, taffeta wall boards, wood and velvet, cotton and silk..
The London Design Week has inspired Junamoon to continue down the path of creativeity and to introduce our audience to the exciting world of design, style and inspiration, let us help you be your own designer and create your own masterpiece of art in the form of your Junamoon bed!