January 12th 2017


Hope this little face cheers you up! Don’t let this time of year get you down, there’s lots to look forward to!

Think about sprucing up your home and added a new feature, colour or piece of furniture. It could be something as simple as bright new cushions or a lovely warm throw for the sofa. You may not be sleeping well and automatically blame it on stress and anxiety when it could be your mattress- when did you last replace it, if more than 10 years ago then you will be sleeping on a surface that will be tired and much less supportive than when first bought, plus I will not go into the friends that will be sleeping with you….I mean the undesirables…bed bugs! Junamoon make beautiful mattresses that provide amazing support for you to aid a good nights sleep so definitely worth considering.

A new bed would transform your bedroom and it doesn’t have to break the bank, we have many options available from £599 for a Double Divan Set, the difference with Junamoon is the choice of fabrics….so many to choose from it will make the whole experience a joy because you can put your own input into the look…maybe something bright and colourful or classy and stylish, the choice is yours and it would make the cold, dark winter nights seem not so bad and you would look forward to tucking yourself up in your little masterpiece!

Do you have an old chair or sofa that has that desperate look of despair and is in need of some love and attention? Why not cheer it up and have it reupholstered….Junamoon can do this for you, give your favourite piece of furniture a new lease of life! It can help transform a room and create a place of happiness and joy instead of doom and gloom.

At Junamoon we believe that your house should be your sanctuary, it should have your influence and mark on its look and design, each room can portray an element of your personality, whether it be creative and colourful or brushed with elegance and style…we are all different and individual creatures so why not exercise that in your decor!

I hope reading this article has inspired you to do something positive and make your home come alive with vibrancy and flair and if Junamoon can help you achieve this, then all the better!

Think positive and don’t let those January Blues get the better of you…..and eat more chocolate…in bed of course!

Sleep well x

Sue – Junamoon