January 11th 2016
    1. Beginner’s mind

Don’t be afraid to try new things to help you fall asleep. If what you’re doing isn’t working then you probably need a new method to help ease yourself into a deep sleep.

    2. Non-Striving

Sleep cannot be forced. The effort you put into trying to sleep the less you will sleep.

    3. Letting go

If you are worrying about how you aren’t sleeping then this will cause you to not sleep. You need to allow the sleep to come naturally.

    4. Non-judging

If you think negatively of your awakened state and judge it then the negative energy ca effect your sleeping pattern.

    5. Acceptance

If you accept that sleep is not likely to come soon, why not move around. Try exercising and trying to make yourself tired. If you lay awake in bed then that might condition you to being awake in bed.

    6. Trust

You need to trust that your mind and body can self regulate and correct itself for the sleep loss. Sometimes shorter sleeping periods can be more satisfying than longer ones.

    7. Patience

You need to let your body fall asleep at its own pace to get the optimal amount of sleep that you actually need.